The future of Intramuscular vaccination

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FreVAX injection... Why?

Discover why FreVAX is the state of the art vaccination device.

How FreVAX is changing your vaccination experience
It adapts to your needs

Flexible choice of vaccine, dosage and bottle size. Optional tubing. Allowing for a broader range of options

Accurate Intramuscular technique

FreVAX intramuscular needle-free vaccination injects 1 or 2 ml. It ensures a fast and precise technique, by minimising the losses of antigen due to leaks in the vaccination process

Vaccination compliance

LED indicators allow easy visualisation of: a successful injection (green), an early release (red), loaded device (white) or a rinsing device (blue). Detailed vaccination data reports delivered.

Remote and Real time access to data

The SMART device FreVAX transfers the vaccination data to a smartphone app, thus allowing remote and real-time data analysis

Pig friendly

A needle free, fast (less then 0,2 sec)  and painless vaccination leads to an optimized animal welfare experience 

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