Health, safety and efficacy

The impact of vaccination application on the herd health, pigs and people.


Needle free vaccination is the future.

Needle administration has been the most widely used method for delivering vaccines or any other animal health medicine in the pig industry.  There are other administration techniques like oral, aerossol or intradermal apllications and more recently the Needle free intramuscular vaccination technique: 

  • Needle free intramuscular injection minimizes pain and stress to the animals, promoting  animal wellbeing and its associated health consequences.


  • Needle free Intramuscular injection helps to reduce disease spreading within the farm by preventing needle-borne transmission of pathogens between pigs.
Needle free intramuscular device (NFID) minimizes:
Disease transmission
Pigs stress
Needle free intramuscular device (NFID) promotes:
Animal Welfare
Meat Quality

Animal friendly

The use of a Needle free intramuscular device (NFID) makes vaccination a safer process for the pigs.

Regarding worker safety, vaccination with needles may result in personal injuries that can have severe consequences. Again, the NFD makes the vaccination process much safer for worker.


Furthermore, the ergonomic design of FreVAX turns the vaccination routine in a user-friendly task.


Needles sometimes break, posing a potential threat to consumer safety if not detected. With FreVAX, there is not risk of broken needle tips.


Furthermore, the use of a SMART smart device like FreVAX, helps keeping track of the documentation and enables better compliance and quality management (PQA), recording and verification.


FreVAX lets you the peace of mind of having a quality vaccination in your farm.

As indicated before, other techniques and devices could lead to incomplete vaccination, while with FreVAX you have a full-dose quality vaccination.


Besides this, thanks to its SMART features you have a better visibility of what is happening with vaccinations. This data availability and management capabilities help keep track of the vaccination processes as well as its quality, in a very visual and intuitive way, providing immediate feedback.


While using FreVAX you can keep your current vaccination protocols without having to modify them.


And it can be used with any IM aqueous vaccine, providing a high flexibility of use.

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